Samsung galaxy mini 2 memory problems

This is true of all storage devices. Totally normal. The rest of the free storage is used for apps, games, music etc. Luckily, that phone has an sd card slot so you can add more memory with this. Jimfixer jimfixer. Do you have a lot of apps? Or pictures or music on the phone. They all take up space.

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Get yourself a micro sd card and move your stuff there and free up the internal memory. Hope this helps. My friend thanks for your answer but It's not what I ask.

New Secret Code to Increase INTERNAL STORAGE for any SAMSUNG Phone

In the storage area when you enter in seeing the phone storage space there are a lot of lists and one of them is system memory. It means that run the whole device. It takes 7gb out of 8gb how is it possible?

Iris Bella. I am having the same problem. I cleared my memory yesterday. Uninstalled many useful apps. Then it showed 2. I cant download a single pic now. Dont know what to do.

How to deal with ‘Memory Full’ issue on Samsung Galaxy S4

That sounds great! Is it in the cloud? Probably stupid questions!

I had been having major problems with device memory: Nothing worked. So I got me one of those file explorer kind of app.

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Did the same with the rest of the music albums. Started with between 10mb of space and 70 mb. Ended with almost 3 GB of space on my phone!! I never even knew this was possible!! I tell it OK. If you think you can handle it, just check out the site. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 phone. It was working perfect and fast until this dreaded new Lollipop update came. I have done every step which the websites say. However my phone takes so long to open even my contacts or any task and this is really frustrating!

I had high hopes while buying an Android but now I have lost all of it ever since this Lollipop update. I really would appreciate if this problem can be fixed. Thank you.

Internal Memory what!? - Samsung Galaxy Mini | Android Forums

Hi Suchita. Here are the things that you can try:. Afterwards, observe the phone for several hours without installing any application. This is important so you can narrow down the reason behind the problem as rogue or incompatible apps can sometimes slow down the phone significantly. To isolate the offending app, install yours apps individually, making sure to give the phone enough time to run so you can observe it.

Do this until you have pinpointed the culprit. This can cause compatibility issues and other problems. While most third party apps are created to generate revenue, a few are designed to install malware or serve as backdoor access for more malware to be injected to a device at a later time. Stick to popular apps and be sure to read reviews in Google Play Store to get hints whether or not the app you are about to install is okay. A bad SD card can potentially cause problems so try using another one to see the difference. We are still gathering information to see if Lollipop update may cause potential SD card problems so in the meantime, make sure that your SD card is well maintained by doing a regular reformat every few months.

Hi there I been reading all your post and they seem to be very helpful for others. I was wondering if you guys can help me with my problem? In the beginning I thought it was the memory card, but I did go through 5 cards and with all of them is the same problem.

How to fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Memory Issues [Part 1]

I tried the memory cards with another smartphone, an HTC eye, to be exact and the memory cards work great SO I assume that the problem is the phone. I tried every single way to move file to the SD card from computer to phone, from Phone to card, from computer to card ETC. I will appreciate if you can help me with this.

Hi Norman. Must surely be the phone. The phone may be messing up something somewhere along the line of saving the files to the SD card. The only thing that we can think of is factory reset as this would force the phone to revert to its defaults. If something changes in the firmware causing the files to be corrupted when being moved or transferred to the memory unit, a factory reset should easily rectify it. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 with the latest Lollipop updates.

In the past this has worked. Now I get an error message stating that Windows does not recognize the device, and I do not get the prompt from the phone showing connection. I do notice that it is charging though albeit not as fast though.

SD Memory Cards for Samsung Galaxy Phones

I have tried to sync on different computers, and have tried many different USB 2.