Iphone memory full not sure why

I had this same problem - iTunes showed about 34GB of used storage space as "other". I deleted my Facebook app from my iPhone and reinstalled it. This cleared up all 34GB.

Why iPhone 6/6s Storage Full ? How to Fix?

Mar 19, 2: It will then show the apps that are using your storage listed in order of usage. Then focus on the apps with the most storage and delete data as appropriate. Large videos and podcasts that take up a lot of storage, can often times be deleted because you can usually download them again if you want view them.

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Is Your iPhone Storage Full? These 5 Easy Tips Can Help you Fix It!

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This denotes that your contacts, photos, music, and calendar events are safe in the process. After your reset all settings, reboot your iPhone and see the result. A complete system restore on your iPhone is very helpful especially if the problem is triggered by a major software error or bugs. Unlike the any other resets, a restore will erase all your contents and data from your iPhone.

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And so for this reason, creating a backup of your iPhone must be done beforehand. After you back up your iPhone, you can proceed to the system restore. You may opt to restore your iPhone from a previous backup or set it up as new or factory defaults. If the problem begins after software update is downloaded and installed on your device, then most likely that is the culprit.

Your iPhone says you've run out of storage, and you've just deleted tons of photos: fix this

If this is the case, then your options are either to restore your iPhone from a previous backup or wait for the next iOS update to roll out. If the latter is your choice, then you should contact your carrier or Apple Support to escalate the problem you have. That way they can tag it among the priority issues to address in the next iOS patch.

Other users found that the memory issue they had was triggered by a significant number of piled iCloud changes in its journal. In this case, all they did to fix the problem was to force iCloud backup to free up space. There are a lot of tools like data recovery software designed to help manage internal memory of your iPhone SE.

All you have to do is head on to the App Store and pick the best software for your iPhone. If you have other issues with your Apple iPhone SE , we are always willing to help. Contact us through our iPhone issues questionnaire and provide us with all necessary information about your problem so we can find a solution to your issue.

Memory-related error codes and prompts Cannot install apps or updates Sluggish or slow performance Device keeps freezing or not responding Random crashing or restarts It is unusual for new and powerful smartphones to encounter problems on internal storage. Recommended Solutions and Workarounds The following steps will help you determine and resolve the underlying cause of the problem.

Check and Manage Storage. Tap Settings from the Home screen.

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Scroll to and tap General. To view a list of applications that are currently using the system memory, tap Manage Storage. Product Family.

How to Free Up Space on iPhone (& Never Worry About It Again)

Todo Backup Advanced Server. Above problems are the most common storage issues bothering iPhone users a lot. Give it a try.

The aim of backing up iPhone to Windows computer or Mac OS devices is to protect the data from directly removing. How to back up iPhone to the computer in the easiest way? Step 1: Step 2: MobiMover enables you to back up all the supportable data with one-click. Step 3: If you don't do any change, MobiMover will save the data to your desktop. Step 4: Please don't disconnect the device while transferring.

After having made an iPhone backup to the computer, you can delete the files takes lots of space straightforward. You can remove photos, videos, or music on your iPhone selectively or one by one, which must take a long time.