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Many students use cell phones to learn English and other subjects. It is good to see that students know how to use cell phones for educational purposes, I like the idea of using them to search the internet for answers and check vocabulary, however, teachers, should guide students on how to search for content online, because most of the content published is irrelevant, and this content can misguide students and even affect their grades at the end of the term.

To avoid distraction in the classroom, teachers have to set guidelines and rules on how and when to use cell phones. Maybe private schools can be in a position to provide some degree of security to our kids, but public schools have no funds for this, and a cell phone can play a big role when it comes to keeping our kids safe. It is true; students use cell phones to collaborate with fellow students and teachers.

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Though some teachers have failed to use cell phones as teaching tools, a cell phone can make it easy for a teacher to reach any student and also tailor specific educational plans for each student basing on their learning ability. I did a simple price research on Amazon. I come from Africa and it is next to impossible to find 5 smartphones like iPhone at the school campus.

Yet, smartphones have advanced features which can be used by both students and teachers, so in 3 rd world countries, very few students can afford smartphones, but in first world countries, most of them can afford them, which means they can enjoy the benefits of using cell phones for educational purposes. To prevent students from getting distracted by other features on cell phones, guidelines should be set. Students should only use cell phones when asked to by the teacher in the classroom, I like Nearpord , it is a cool tool for making presentations on tablets, students can also make presentations and share them using smartphones or tablets.

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Teachers who use cell phones in the classroom for non-academic purposes give a wrong impression to their students, if you start receiving calls while in the classroom, students will think it is okay for them to do the same, so it is better as a teacher to use a cell phone to teach your students, this will change their attitude towards cell phone usage in the classroom, let them do math calculations, play math or English games, participate in classroom debates and polls using cell phones. Cell phones are not bad, but the intentions of students and parents might be wrong.

I think the idea of schools providing phones that can be used for emergency purpose is not bad, but if a serious disaster hits a school, not all students will have a chance to use this emergency phone provided by the school, they will need easy communication tools to alert their parents and the best communication tool is a cell phone.

It is not bad for parents to reach their children while at school, natural disasters and criminal activities in schools are on the rise, so parents may want to stay in connection with their children just in case something wrong happens. Maybe we need to set rules which control both parents and children, parents should contact their children after classroom hours. Also, parents have a right to know if their children are at school or not, this is essential because children are easily distracted and many parents have lost their children through drug use, and other related unhealthy behaviors.

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This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Use of Technology. Argumentative Essay on Cell Phones in School. As a result, the school would not have to worry about supplying the students with phones, and most students already have cell phones.

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This is only one great way that cell phones are beneficial. When students carry around cell phones they also increase student and teacher safety. For example, if someone falls down the stairs and gets badly injured students can call the ambulance quicker than telling a teacher and then having to call. Also, if there is a school intrusion somebody can call the authorities with their cell phones.

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Consequently, if students do not have cell phones in these types of emergencies then help will not be provided soon enough. On the other hand, cell phones are also organization tools. For instance, the other day I came home from school and started my regular routine. I let my two dogs out, then grabbed a snack and sat down with my book bag. Then I preceded to take out my assignment book, but what I found, however, is that I appeared to have left my assignment book in my locker.

When this happens I have only my memory to tell me what my homework was, and that is not very reliable after a long day at school.

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I do have my phone with me, however. If we were allowed to have cell phones in school I could have plugged my homework into the calendar for today, and as a result have been able to do it. Students always check their phones when they are at home, so every time they pick up their cell phone they would be reminded of their homework tonight.

Yes, it should be allowed for the case of emergency.

And if a student had a test the next day the teachers could remind the students to set an alarm telling them to study that night. If students are better reminded about their homework, grades will go up because students will be doing their homework.


The school will also save money because they will not have to buy assignment books. Cell phones in school can be used for communication. Teachers can utilize cell phones to send information to students pertaining to different classes or reminders to all the students without meeting them one by one.

Students can also utilize the devices to communicate with fellow classmates through texts, calls and social media platforms. In conclusion, the battle to ban cell phone use in schools is one impossible to win, as their use by students is significantly high. Nevertheless, its benefits of promoting educational activities, enabling monitoring of students by parents and teachers, facilitating communication, emergencies and instilling responsibility, makes it acceptable for students to use them in school. Login Order now.

Should Cell Phones be allowed in School? Essay

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