Application for pleasure craft licence hull type

Application for Pleasure Craft Licence - TP15049 (2016)

Applications cannot be processed unless you provide complete information and include all the required supporting documentation photocopies of the supporting documentation are preferred and acceptable — no documentation will be retained. Skip to main content Skip to "About this site". Why do I need a pleasure craft licence?

There is no charge for a pleasure craft licence. Complete Part A. Complete Part D. Complete Part F. The following supporting documentation must be provided with your application: A declaration under oath that states who built the boat. You may use the sample declaration or other similar document, as long as it contains all the required information. To transfer a pleasure craft licence: Complete Part B by writing the current licence number of the pleasure craft in the space provided.

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Complete Part E. To update the information on your pleasure craft licence: Note 3: A provincial health card cannot be used as proof of identification. Report a problem or mistake on this page.

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  • Date modified: Electronically the preferred method: By submitting the request for a new pleasure craft licence online and uploading the required supporting documentation, an acknowledgment number valid for 90 days from the initial issue date will be issued and returned to the applicant by e-mail.

    The acknowledgment number is to be marked on either side of the pleasure craft, in order to allow the use the vessel immediately.


    If the request for a pleasure craft licence is supported by the proper documentation, the permanent pleasure craft licence issued upon verification of the submitted request, will be identical to the acknowledgment number issued. You will be requested to upload your supporting documentation, Please ensure you have the following documents in the proper file format ready for upload before you start the online process — click on the link for additional information.

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    Please note: The minimum print resolution per document is dpi dots per inch. The maximum size for upload of any file is 5 MB five megabytes.


    Only the following file formats are acceptable: If your digital camera produces a file format other than those mentioned above, you will need to use the software that came with your camera to convert the images to the proper format. If any supporting documentation is found to be missing, an e-mail will be sent on the 45th and 75th day after the initial request for a pleasure craft licence was submitted, notifying the applicant of the missing documentation and providing an URL whereby the document can be uploaded in order to validate the pleasure craft licensing request.

    If the requested document is not received within 90 days, the application for a pleasure craft licence is automatically rejected and the acknowledgment number is cancelled. Upon resubmission, a new acknowledgment number will be issued. Upon verification of the submitted information and required supporting documentation, the permanent pleasure craft licence will be sent to the pleasure craft owner, by the delivery method selected e-mail, or by post.

    By Post: If you choose to submit your request for your new Pleasure Craft Licence by post, you must submit the following documents: In particular, see the "To license a pleasure craft that has never been licensed" section. Be sure to check the "Home-built" box in the "Description of vessel" section of the application form. Because your boat is home-built and as a result there is no bill of sale or any proof of ownership document, you will need to make a declaration under oath stating that you built your boat.

    Your application and all supporting documents must be mailed-in for processing to the Pleasure Craft Licensing Centre.

    Transfer pleasure craft licence I

    A copy of the document must kept on board the vessel at all times and the pleasure craft licence number is to be marked in BLOCK characters not less than 7. The website with the above is: The money grubbing Ontario Government gets notification of every "new" pleasure craft licence issued to an Ontario resident and they want "proof" that sales tax was paid on the boat. Fine if you buy from a dealer, but they even come after private sales when the licence holder changes. I knew this in advance so kept a number of receipts for the lumber, epoxy, hardware etc - enough to show that I had paid sales tax on the "materials used to build" - and sure enough, after I got my permanent licence number I get the letter in the mail asking for proof of sales tax payment.

    Even though my wife was retired from our insurance company they sounded "hesitant" to touch a "home made boat", but once they had a copy of the survey, there was no issue. Just make sure the survey covers "seaworthiness" and not the typical short survey typically done upon a sale - mine had notes about the construction etc.

    Registration process for home made boats in Canada -

    Actually the whole process was fairly smooth and painless. Graham Yes, Plywood is "real" wood A "professional" is someone who gets paid for their work - it doesn't necessarily mean they are good at it. Tahoe 19 Build.