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Trace the letters of the word in a single, continuous motion. There are numerous options for customizing the experience both visually and conceptually—including the ability to adjust the number of milliseconds that elapse before auto-spacing is activated—and a series of gestures streamline functions like backspace and punctuating. Fleksy free, universal was one of the first third-party typing assistants to hit the app store, and its gesture-based concept still feels fresh today.

The best keyboards for the iPhone

It simply supercharges your taps and slides to speed up your pecking. Smart, simple and sleek, the swipe-centric keyboard relies on top-notch predicting and autocorrecting to deliver a superb typing experience. Most custom keyboards offer a variety of ultra-modern designs and futuristic color combinations to dress up your keys, but Hanx Writer free, universal tackles personalization a little differently.

Created by Tom Hanks—yes, that Tom Hanks—the keyboard mimics the sound and style of a classic typewriter, with several realistic renditions of s-style machines. Tap the little hummingbird icon next to the space bar and the keyboard will give way to a built-in thesaurus, rhyming dictionary, and pun finder to help give your words some extra oomph.

And if you need to work with several languages, iTranslate free, universal will be your perfect lingual companion. With support for some 90 languages, the keyboard packs everything great about the app into a fully functional keyboard that puts a powerful translator right at your fingertips. Microsoft Word Flow review: Software keyboard makes iPhone typing fun again. Google's Gboard doesn't send your keystrokes, but it does leak chicken and RainbowKey is similar to Go Keyboard.

The customization options in RainbowKey are awesome. The customization process lets you pick a background, key design, fonts, effects, and sounds. There are lots of possibilities for creating something truly unique in those options.

For example, I ended up crafting my own version of a Mario keyboard by using a green background, red playful fonts, and Mario effects. RainbowKey also makes it easy to add fresh fonts. Tap on a style like Bubbles , Curved , or Circled to activate it. This is a really fun way to emphasize parts of the messages and to stand out online. RainbowKey Free, subscription available. Better Fonts is an app created to help you type in funky and fancy fonts. Open the app and select the font types you want to include in the keyboard. After activating the keyboard, tap on the F button to select the font and start typing.

The text will now show up in the font that you selected. Better Fonts Free, subscription available. After you open the app once and log into your account, everything takes place from the keyboard view. You can search for a GIF, explore categories, save them to a collection, or send one in a chat all right from the keyboard. Use the heart button to add GIFs to your favorites.

Then just go to the Favorites tab on the keyboard to easily access your top GIFs. But my favorite feature is the caption tool. After selecting a GIF, you can add text to it to make it even more personal and hilarious. GIF Keyboard Free. Read More , you know just how cool and soothing backlighting is.

Stock iOS Keyboard Vs. Third-Party Keyboards

Chroma brings a full RBG backlit keyboard to your iPhone, for free. Once you install Chroma, you can switch between a pulsating wave effect or a soothing color transition. Chroma Free. Grammarly is a handy tool to keep around. When you draft an important message or you reply to work emails on your iPhone, switch to Grammarly. The app will provide smart auto-suggestions and help autocorrect spelling mistakes.

The best third-party keyboards for iPhone and iPad | Macworld

Since Grammarly is known for its grammar check, the feature is of course part of the app too. It will point out grammatical errors you should fix before sending the message.

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Grammarly Free. Because iOS makes it so easy to quickly switch between keyboards, we suggest you install two or three different keyboards and switch based on your needs. Even after trying all these awesome keyboard apps, you might find yourself going back to the default keyboard.

It's about time you upped your keyboard game. Go and check them out!

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We wanted to make it easier to share your photos. Just tap the camera icon on the Toolbar to get started. Then add text or even adjust the speed. Fixed an issue with some older themes affecting visibility of predictions in the predictions bar. Find search in the Toolbar.

How to change keyboard in iOS 89

New - A brand-new Holiday theme with animated falling snow! Fixed - You can now personalize from Twitter again - Fixed a bug that when uploading a photo to the Photo Themes feature crashed the app. New - Photo Themes: Take your design further by resizing the photo, choosing background brightness and key pop-up color. Fixed - SwiftKey will no longer repeatedly autocorrect a previously learned word - Extra spaces being inserted after corrections. New - Use your Microsoft account to sign in to SwiftKey and Personalise to improve corrections and predictions Fixed - We've fixed a sizing issue on the iPhone 8 - Accessibility bugs.

New - Clipboard - press and hold the Globe key to access SwiftKey's clipboard, a place to save snippets of text for later - Support for new languages: