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Make sure the ghosts are placed near the screen border. We will start again with the pacman. In order to do that, select the AppViewController. The AppViewController. Repeat the same procedure for the three little ghosts and the exit image. Name them as ghost1, ghost2, ghost3 and exit respectively. For the walls, we are going to use a different technique. This allows us to associate all of them with a single NSArray object. Select any of the walls and control drag them in the AppViewController.

For the connection, select Outlet Collection. For the rest of the wall images, use the same procedure but associate it with the same outlet collection as we have created. We need the CoreMotion framework in order to use the accelerometer.

Snake game for tablets and Smartphones

This framework is not included by default in our application, thus we have to add it manually. Select the project from the Navigator pane. On top of that, we need to import the Quartz Core framework. Quartz Core is a collection of API for image processing and video image manipulation.

What Is “Add 1”?

We will make use of the CABasicAnimation class to create basic animation. Use the procedure as described above to import the QuartzCore framework into your project. Now we have configured all the elements required by the game and we could start the real coding. First we have to include the required header files. Open the AppViewController. Next, open the AppViewController.

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In the first two lines, we define the starting point and the end point of the animation. The integration in different platforms is fairly easy and the only thing that changes from the watch to the phone integration are the controls, for example, in the watch you can use the crown as the control along with swiping. Chris Jimenez - http: SnakeClassic is released under the MIT license.

Skip to content. Dismiss Join GitHub today GitHub is home to over 31 million developers working together to host and review code, manage projects, and build software together. Sign up. A snake engine written in SpriteKit for all Apple devices. Find file. Download ZIP. Launching GitHub Desktop Go back. Launching Xcode Launching Visual Studio PiXeL16 Fix typo.

Let's Make Pong! (Pt. 1 : Swift 3 in Xcode : SpriteKit)

Snake constructor Snake consists of body parts and there can be plenty of body parts , which means that the snake turns gradually. Every time the snake is making a turn, the edge is placed. The addEdge function only places new SwitchItem into an array in Switch object. Refresh function behavior The code of refresh function is really simple: Erich Duda. Software Developer.

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Developer of various desktop application in: Currently he develops mobile games or applications in Moscrif SDK. Puzzle game for tablets and SmartPhones. Nested Modal Dialogs using Bootstrap.

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A Simple Snake Game: Snake Game in a Win32 Console. VisualBasic Machine Learning, Step 1: The Q-Learning.

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Designing the Maze and Game Characters

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