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On the website, they choose the "Here Piggy, Piggy! The game then gives three different locations that the pig might be in, the barn, the stables, and the butcher shop oh no! Your job from there is to find friends with open orders in these three locations to get your pig back, as well as a special prize for completing the mission.

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If you don't have a single friend with a specific building i. Downloading the new add-on is a snap.

All you have to do is download the new We Rule Quests app and then sign in with your normal ngmoco: Since the games are all web based, your city will appear as if you'd been playing We Rule Quests from the start. Players begin with a tutorial, which eventually ended when the player has completed certain objectives. When beginning, players mainly profit from farming.

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Later in the game but still in the tutorial players could build houses and shops. When one player had a shop that had already been constructed and opened, another player who must be friends on We Rule with that person could make an order for some items from their shop.

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Houses have a smaller impact on the game. When purchasing a house, players had to pay Coins for each house, and could then collect taxes from each house every five minutes. The tax collected was ten Coins.

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Coins and Mojo play a very critical part in the game. Coins are simply the money used in We Rule , while Mojo can be used to instantly complete in-game tasks growing crops, finishing building construction, and making a friend's order ready. Players could purchase Mojo using real money for various prices and quantities. Mojo could also be obtained as players level up, which was done by collecting XP experience points by collecting crops and coins, completing objectives, and placing buildings. Players could decorate their Kingdom with many trees and other accessories.


Besides shops, many other interesting buildings were available. With a content update, We Rule's level system allowed players to reach level 30 from the former With this update the game's creators disabled power-leveling items such as Magic Cauliflower- and Asparagus, but added several rewards: A subsequent update shortly after the expansion to 30 levels reinstated Magic Cauliflower and Asparagus. On June 19, , Ngmoco Inc.

On June 26, Apple finalized the update and released it as We Rule 1. On October 26, , Apple finalized another major update. We Rule becomes We Rule: Quests, which enables players to take up optional quests that yield various rewards.


Quest rewards come in the form of Experience points, Coins, or special decorations, which you can only obtain through completing quests. Within the same time span of the We Rule: Quests update, the maximum level players can achieve increased to 45 from the previous Along with the new level cap, new crops have also been introduced. As of August , We Rule was updated weekly by Ngmoco. Players can achieve up to level 65, and special items, including "magic farms" and a gift system, have been added.

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  6. We Rule: Quests has been abandoned, and has been replaced by the Goals system in the most recent version of We Rule, entitled We Rule Deluxe.