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Truth in resources, the reset pin to establish the state of reclining. When the pin number 4 for connecting masse Set at low pressure , the third leg will be closing at low pressures, only 4 feet high voltage is set at last be free to lean out, at this new voltage on pin 3 can be as high as low. Foot Control, through this pin changes the voltage level on the bridge dividing the standard volt.

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When the pressure sour n pressure levels compared to levels 1 and 2 to change the signal frequency change as well. I tathuong put voltage signal on pin 5 to perform frequency modulation. Russia on a floor than a pressure. Chan discharge, this pin is leaning out of an electric lock to open and close under pressure, the electric lock to open and close under the pressure of 3 feet.

When pin 3 in the pressure lock is closed and will flow out on foot when the foot 7 and 3 at low pressure, the lock open, cut the line. Circuit analysis practice. Working principle of the circuit as follows: Capacitor C1 will be at this stage x Arab power, the power to discharge through R2, the voltage on the capacitor C1 gradually reduce down. Qui SW1 will lie in wait to repeat.

Circuit was in state oscillation. In the square pulse Digital signal format is a signal appears on pin 3 and pulse-aliasing Analog type is considered the true signal of 2, 6. Frequency of the signal calculated by the following relation: So the cycle of the signal: And derive the frequency of the signal: Surveying the effects of differential circuit: You see the circuit diagram and analysis software PSpice. Figure practical on-board assembly test. Signal resistor R3 is taking on two opposite Spike.

We know this signal and the signal on pin 3 is the relationship of a differential operator. This circuit should be named the differential circuit. Viewing signals on the oscilloscope. Use the oscilloscope to examine the signals on board practices. Such signals will be synchronized with the signals get amplified along the floor, the picture is not going to stand still. Take the sample cell by signal 0. Since it knows the frequency of the signal survey.

Use oscilloscope to see the signal on Nokia You can use the oscilloscope to quickly check the signal on the printed circuit board of the mobile phone on your practice here NOKIA Practice 1: Use the oscilloscope view Hz clock signal. The place of the signal on Nokia C capacitor 1pF effective feedback. Here you can view the signal at frequencies above Hz 1 and points 2. To calculate the amplitude of the signal , you to compare the signal height of the survey it took 6 cell with a reference signal on the computer is 0. So the signal amplitude is 0. Practice 2: Xen of 13MHz clock signal.

Circuit diagram shows the point where you get to test signal oscillator circuit G Let's try it on legs C 13MHz signal of transistor V, is a result of trem as shown on the oscilloscope. Because the effect of inductor L, the signal amplitude increases, measured about 7Vpp. Try this oscilloscope to view signals important: After opening the machine, after a while, you'll see the SIM stimulus pulse.

Signal viewing on dual resistor R Oscilloscope using short quick You know good and bad circuits. Tell us how to fix the box for charging a battery mobile phone? Recharge the battery box of the mobile phone is compact shape, usually auto volt load box should be able to work at a power supply from V AC VAC soles, the pressure that often 5. First let us analyze a circuit diagram of the loading of boxes loaded frequently. Explain the principles of circuit operation: The circuit consists of four parts.

Part 1: In the fuse circuit using resistors R1 1 ohm to protect against over current, and when the circuit components are touched, the R1 would hold off to avoid fire safety. Here, if not plugged in, you get used Ohm design Rx1 scale, measure the diode test, resistance measurement test R1.

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You remember capacitor C1 is small, but the goods must withstand high voltages should get to work Working Volt is about V. Part 2: On the pulse transformer has three windings, the coil L1 is pumped by Q1, coil L2 obtain sensory signals, creating favorable effects of feedback to oscillator circuit. L3 coil removed a large line of low-volt pulse to recharge the battery.

When the circuit was in state oscillator, Q1 will be constantly opening and closing lines of supply pulses to the primary coil L1. This boundary sound pulse at the coil L2 will be the adapter with the D6 1N and charged to the C5 4. Damage is common in this area hit Q1, resistors R8 and fire off the fire touched the pulse transformer windings. Part 3: The circuit creates voltage 5. The circuit includes a pulse on the secondary coil L3, L3 is a large coil wrapped round to give a pulse at low marginal big line. It is for D7 and filter adapter with power by a large gathering of C6 uF.

Leaning out to grab on 2-wire DC voltage level of 5. Where the machine uses 3 wire circuit load resistor R14, then add 33K to determine the types and characteristics of the load circuit. This area is generally less trouble, less damage. Part 4: The circuit protection. In this circuit we used four circuit protection: Stamping circuit using a negative voltage, feedback on the primary coil L1. Resistor R7 to pin B limits for Q2, capacitor C4 creates a protective effect quickly and resistor R6 increases the thermal stability for circuit protection.

Resistor R11 take effect and limit the capacitor C7 noise effects. It included two components in a resistive fuse.

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When the circuit has been slow components, resistors will break quickly, so it cuts like new no external signs of fire as the other resistors. You have to design new measurement dn2g Ohm said. In conclusion the damage often seen in the box is loaded: If you encounter a new measure that, if the fire is visible shell burst immediately.

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As always IRF touch often damage the pulse transformer, find the same thing instead. Here is a circuit diagram of the load also China, is used a lot because of low prices: HP cell phone SIM card message is not received by the first? First we learn how to pair your SIM card into the cell phone, it worked out why? Here, for example on the Nokia P [5].

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