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It makes for a new way of playing, by having physical contact with your finger or a stylus into the game world. The modern twist on the classic game makes for a smooth and addictive game. Flight simulator games need countless buttons — one reason that they've not really taken off oi! Armageddon Squadron does that, and grafts on some suitably "Boys Own" World War II-based flying missions, including air to air combat, bombing enemy destroyers and probably a favourite down the pubs taking out a dam.

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Good show, what! Tally ho! Another title with a history on Symbian, this 3D racing game initially shipped on the business-focussed, graphics-accelerated Nokia E Now that technology has almost caught up, Raging Thunder can run almost as well without that extra graphics chip, thanks to a little judicious up-scaling of a lower resolution but insanely optimised gaming engine. Have a friend with a second handset and copy of the game and you can get multiplayer challenges over Wi-fi [been there, tried that, had a lot of fun - Steve].

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If asked which third party programmers have graced more gamers' handsets than any other, I'd hope John Holloway would be in the mix. His tireless support of the platform in development has resulted in Zingmagic being known as the go-to name for classic games on your smartphone.

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Every platform needs a Chess application that is accessible both for the casual player and for the more hard core fiends of the game. With simple presentation and a no-frills concentration on the game, this may seem a strange choice, but sometimes the flash needs to be put aside for the actual game.

Retro Review: Nokia X7 - AMOLED Symbian Smartphone!

A delightful little puzzle game here, the goal is to connect two cogs, but to do that you'll need to place other cogs and gears onto the screen in a logical fashion to hook up the start and finish — all with limited resources through only a certain number of cogs. And just to make it a little bit more fun, gravity is involved as well, so you'll need to keep your cogs connected, there's no floating around in space here. Download via Ovi Store. Eschewing an attempt at a 3D representation of the classic pool games these have been a disaster on the non-graphics-accelerated modern Nokia smartphones , MicroPool has a simple top-down table, albeit beautifully shaded.

Where this game scores though is in its control method and gameplay. You can aim by swiping your finger around, with an aiming line helping you work out exactly where your white ball is going to hit - this is exactly the right level of user aids - games which try to be too fancy by showing you the expected path of the balls hit take most of the skill away.

In MicroPool you'll be attempting shots that you'd try in real life, estimating angles that might work and learning when they don't - in short, immersing yourself in a realistic battle of pool wits with a computer-run opponent of adjustable skill level. There's no pretense at a long term championship or slow ramp up - this is 'set the skill level' and bam, you're off and running and fighting to win the frame.

Symbian 9.5 - Symbian^3 Belle (S60 5th) games free download: Touchscreen

You'll remember from a couple of days ago that Apple made a big song and dance about the new iPhone 4 having a gyroscope built-in, enabling more immersive action games? Well, if you have a Nokia N97 or N97 mini at least, you can load up this title and make use of the Nokia devices' digital compass and accelerometers to do much the same.

The premise is that waves of meteors are raining down on the earth and your job is to blast them away from a first person shooting perspective. Then it's tap on each meteor once you've got a weapons lock. A simple game but jaw dropping if you can find the right sort of chair to spin on down the pub! We're not saying that Symbian OS boasts the best games in the mobile world - we do recognise the iPhone's gaming horsepower and ecosystem rules this particular roost.

Free Touchscreen Symbian S60 3rd, 5th Edition & Symbian^3 Games

What we're saying is that you can do a little of your own showing off - and have some fun along the way! Micromaze Sometimes the simplest games are the best. Altair's Chronicles. Here you can find free Touchscreen games for Symbian 9. Any sis game can be included into several categories and have several features. New Most Popular Best of the month Recommended. Please, specify your device, and we will select compatible games. Pyramid magic 3. Pyramid magic 3 - a brave archaeologist continues his examination of the labyrinths of the pyramid of the ancient Egypt. He must go through many twisted levels full of traps, boxes and secret places.

Powerball - play a sport game of the future. It is a high-tech hybrid of rugby and football. Choose one of 8 teams from different countries and take it to the victory in the world championship. Pit-fighter - choose one of 3 fighters and step on arena.

Fight with different opponents, apply different fighting tricks and special hits. Defeat your enemies and win the tournament! Pyramid magic 2. Pyramid magic 2 - a young archaeologist examining the pyramid found a stone table at the end of the first part of the game. This table took the hero into the second part of the game. Help him to find the treasures. ++ free games download for symbian, java phones ++

PGA tour PGA tour 96 - take part in the golf tournament. Fulfil different hits. Choose among many sportsmen. Visit different golf fields. Watch game statistics. Pat Riley Basketball. Pat Riley Basketball - take part in the basketball championship together with a famous coach Pat Riley.

Choose one of 8 teams representing big USA cities and take it to the victory. Pac-man 2: The new adventures.