Selling iphone because of flappy bird

Those who already have it installed, however, can still play at the moment. Nguyen has been mum on his decision to pull Flappy Bird, only revealing that it was not a legal issue and he did not sell the game.

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Flappy Bird was released last year, but it really picked up steam last month, and was the No. If you are among those who still have the game installed, check out 7 Tips for High Scores on Flappy Bird. This is not the first time eBay sellers have cleaned up on mobile products. Angela has been a PCMag reporter since January Prior to joining the team, she worked as a reporter for SC Magazine, covering everything related to hackers and computer security. See Full Bio.

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This cash-for-gadgets site is paying extra for phones with Flappy Bird

Terms of use. The demand shift After a rapid rise up the U.

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Clearly, the first demand shift originated in America, but if you're asking why, good luck finding an answer. It's possible Flappy Bird simply went viral, and a tongue-in-cheek Twitter contest to post the most entertaining, long-form review of the game may be one reason for the hype.

A snapshot of my two highest scores, 54 and Flappy Bird, February Image taken by author. Quite spectacularly. In some cases, consumers are willing to pay thousands of dollars to purchase iPhones or Android phones equipped with Flappy Bird it's still playable as long as it was installed before Sunday's removal.

EBay cancels auction of $99,900 iPhone with Flappy Bird, seller says

The list goes on and on, but before you shake your head at how ridiculous it seems -- Flappy Bird was a free app, after all -- remember the economics at play. Any supply shortage will inherently lead to a rise in price. A third shift? As of this moment, at least two major changes have hit Flappy Bird since its creation.

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The death of Flappy Bird might've also led to a third shift: The buzz surrounding the game remains high, and its developer now has a newfound air of mystery that continues to generate headlines. A future of many possibilities Dong Nguyen makes other games, and he has told reporters that he is thinking about a sequel to his hit app. For something developed in less than a week, that's one of the tech world's most significant accomplishments ever. Jake Mann has no position in any stocks mentioned.

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iPhones with Flappy Bird selling for as much as $20, on eBay

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