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The following table shows some of the open-source libraries and frameworks available today and what layers of the web stack they help with:. There are some libraries, such as Onsen , Bootstrap, and Polymer , that offer just the UI components. Other frameworks such as Framework7 and older ones such as jQuery Mobile or Sencha Touch include routing and navigation optimized for a mobile app. Facebook created it, and it usually works with an ecosystem of other libraries that will help the rest of the app, such as Redux or React Routing.

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AngularJS is a complete framework built by Google. Recently it rebuilt the framework in Version 2 for mobile performance, but with breaking changes for AngularJS 1 users. It defines how a web app should be created, including controllers, routing, data binding, and views.

So if you want to use Ionic, you will get all the tooling in one package. Also, the company behind the open-source framework offers some cloud-based solutions for your app, such as authentication and push messages. Using the web stack has its advantages: However, you also have some challenges regarding fragmentation, compatibility, performance, and memory usage, because you are using a full web-rendering engine loaded just for your app.

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The alternate option I mentioned earlier is a native stack approach, which still uses web technologies and compiles those apps into native code, but it doesn't use the WebView for rendering. Native stack solutions create apps that are sometimes indistinguishable from an app created with the platform's official IDE and language. They only rely on JavaScript or TypeScript. While you can share code between both platforms, the views and design will use native controls for both platforms, so the code is different. Starting with NativeScript 2. Appcelerator is an older JavaScript-to-native mobile solution and also the only one mentioned in this article that is not open source or free.

It has an IDE with an app designer available and includes enterprise solutions offered as part of its paid plans. Xamarin is another solution for the native stack approach, but its big difference is that, instead of compiling JavaScript and other web languages to native mobile languages, it compiles from C , meaning. NET developers can now take their skills and build cross-platform apps on Android and iOS without leaving their preferred ecosystem. Xamarin is open source, and the company behind it was recently acquired by Microsoft.

As with most tooling decisions, it comes down to your team's skill sets, the level of performance you need, and the user experience you want to provide. Native stack approaches are often more performant, but the ease of use and larger community support with web stack solutions is more important for some.

All the tools mentioned in this article are constantly evolving, which is why updates such as this one are always necessary. You should see more advanced support for web technologies in the mobile space in the next few months and years.

2. PhoneGap

Cross-platform frameworks, regardless of their approach, are here to stay as long as they can provide the user experience that customers want without the overhead of multi-language and multi-platform development. Image credit: Skip to main content. Our Contributors About Subscribe. Free Downloads. Web-native mobile app frameworks: How to sort through the choices.

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Article Tags. Join the conversation. According to current trend , we shall suggest going with react-native framework as it is suitable and easy for development and maintenance of smaller to enterprise level project.

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Top 5 Hybrid Mobile App Frameworks in React Native Open-source, Reusable Components. Offers a lot of Plugins. Great Response Time. Extremely fast. React Native is open-source. Saves the time of the developers. Powerful Performance. Less Memory Usage. You do not need to rewrite again. Onsen UI apps have shipped on over million mobile devices. See our sample apps here. Get updates on Onsen UI, Monaca and hybrid app development.

Sencha Touch

No more than times a month. The most beautiful and efficient way to develop HTML5 hybrid and mobile web apps. Get started Download. Libraries for framework users. Native look and feel with lots of ready-to-use components and automatic styling A rich variety of UI components specially designed for mobile apps. Easy to learn Onsen UI is easy to learn while being a powerful tool to create complex mobile apps.

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