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Games genres: This interaction really makes you feel like you're Captain America, as for example, you throw the shield through a street lamp and fire hydrant to create an electrified pool of water that shocks enemies. Those interactive elements are sporadic, though. I would've loved to see more. You can level up Cap, gain new abilities, and collect numerous costumes that represent the numerous outfit changes throughout the character's year history.

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Your S. You can have them attack particular enemies, defuse bombs, and hack access points while you're serving up knuckle sandwiches with Cap.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier is officially out now on iOS and Android

At certain points in the game, you can summon other Marvel Comics superheroes such as Black Widow and Falcon; they temporarily enter the fray take down villains when you tap the Avengers icon in the upper-left corner of the screen. Unfortunately, these Avenger appearances amount to nothing more than super-brief cameos, and their game play impact is minimal. After each stage there's an opportunity to shortcut your way to success by buying something including med-packs, level-up points, and more , and it gets old fast.

Very fast. This isn't a problem limited to The Winter Soldier—it's a mobile game staple—but it must be noted. Multiplayer and Internet Connection The Winter Soldier features asynchronous multiplayer battles in which you pit your squad against another's, but the game play isn't particularly thrilling.

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (for Android)

What's even less thrilling is the idea that you must stay connected to the Web at all times when playing The Winter Soldier—even during the single-player campaign! That means that you may be unable to play the game if you live in an area with spotty wireless connectivity, or while making a subway commute. If I play money for a game, I want to play it whenever I want.

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When will developers learn that very few gamers support always-online gaming? The Winter is Coming Prepare to be Chilled Captain America: The Winter Soldier the movie has amassed super-positive reviews; Captain America: The Winter Soldier the game has not.

Unfortunately, that's par for the movie-to-game course. It's a loss, because The Winter Soldier has a decent core that's unfortunately brought down by other elements. Captain America: Bottom Line: If you're stuck, you can call on characters from the Captain America: The Winter Soldier movie to come and punch some guys for you. It's good to have friends who'll punch and shoot people for you.

You might even say it's super.

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There's a pretty cool comic book look to proceedings. It's a bit confusing, mind, because the film is actually quite dark. Well, as dark as a film about a man in spandex who throws a metal Frisbee around can be. And it needs an internet connection to work. According to The Big G, this is to stop piracy and make sure no one cheats.

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